Top signs that you have a foundation problem

foundation repairs

It’s an inescapable fact that the ground moves to some degree no matter where a person lives. In New Jersey, foundation problems occur when the ground that the foundation of a structure is built on shifts up, down or sideways. The most common causes of movement include poor soil pack preparation during foundation installation, natural minor and major earthquakes, seasonal freezing and thawing expansion and contraction of underlying soils, and increased ground water pressure after rainstorms and floods. Regular foundation maintenance is critical to preventing further damage, destabilization of supporting structures and building collapse. Maintaining a structure’s foundation also improves its value.

Never ignore the following. DO Foundation repairs upon any visual signs of foundation problems:

  • Cracks: Look for cracks running through walls, ceilings, steps, patios, around window and door frames and in the foundation. Check all building materials, including drywall, bricks, concrete blocks, tiles, grout, and wallpaper.
  • Distortions: Non-level structures indicate that one side of the foundation is higher or lower than the other side. Look for walls, ceilings, and floors that have started to bow outward or inward that haven’t cracked yet. Additional signs include sloping floors, non-square frames, and leaning chimneys.
  • Separation: Gaps in structures with foundation problems can appear at any connecting point: Check for floor and ceiling separation from nearby walls. Also look for door and window frame, baseboard and molding corner separation and evidence of frames and stairs pulling away from walls.
  • Sticking: When door and window frames shift, they become more difficult to open and close.

The members of our crew at South Jersey Waterproofing have extensive hands-on and specialized training program experience with a wide range of foundation problems. We know how to repair a foundation issue and even provide historical masonry foundation restorations in older homes. We are also a family-owned and operated business. As a result, you can trust that we always strive to make our community a better place by providing our neighbors with inexpensive high-quality services. For more information about the signs of a foundation problem or to schedule an inspection, contact us today by phone or via our convenient online form.


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