Historical Home Restorations

The restoration of a historic building presents unique challenges that require a trained eye and skill sets that go beyond those of an ordinary restoration contractor. Keystone Waterproofing & Restoration services is an experienced historical home restorations and concrete and masonry company with the knowledge and expertise needed for complex and historically appropriate restorations or renovations of residences, churches, and buildings. We can restore and preserve any part of your historic building.

historical home restorationsWe are expert craftsmen for many important aspects of historical home restorations including exterior and interior concrete and masonry projects, structural strengthening, and foundation ensuring that are all critical parts of your historical buildings stability. Structural Stabilization has to be maintained to sustain the integrity of any structure, ensuring that it remains upright and intact against the force of gravity. Soil erosion, water intrusion, structural modifications due to prior remodeling, and deterioration simply due to the aging of materials are all threats to the stability of a building. Using the correct techniques, all these situations can be effectively handled with solutions which require the minimal sacrifice of materials original to your historic property.

We at Keystone Waterproofing & Restoration Services are skilled in the art of historical home restorations, especially masonry restoration. Masonry is subject to weathering by the elements. Acids in the rain, building settlement, freezing and thawing cycles and dirt take their toll on masonry. When mortar joints are cracking or deteriorated, masonry repairs are necessary to help maintain the integrity of the structure. Our remedies to restore your old stone, brick, concrete or block foundation walls inside and out include but are not limited to:

  • Cement parking
  • Repointing
  • Striking
  • Damproofing sealants and coatings