Historical Home Foundation Repairs

Historical masonry foundation restoration is a specialized skill set that we are proud to offer at South Jersey Waterproofing. While others claim to restore and preserve, we are specially trained to go above and beyond for historic homes, ensuring that the integrity is preserved and preventing water intrusion into basements and crawl spaces.

If you are the owner of a historical home, here is what you should know to be informed on restoration efforts of your masonry.

Don’t use the wrong mortar

There is a synergy between mortar and stone or brick; failing to know about this interaction could cause issues with a foundation that has lasted for hundreds of years. There are lime-based mortars and Portland cement-based mortars and the two have very different properties. Lime mortars are very soft and allow for water and moisture to easily evaporate. The mortar that is made of Portland cement is very hard and is very slow to allow water or moisture to evaporate. Older brick or stone is best paired with lime mortars, as they themselves are soft and porous. Portland cement used on brick or stone will hamper evaporation that is necessary for the integrity of the foundation.

Take care when removing finishes

Removing paint or other finishes that has been applied to a historical masonry foundation is one of the most common restoration procedures. Sandblasting can damage the materials and so can high-pressure water washing. Careful research should be done on the masonry and mortar used in the foundation so that the best removal technique can be determined.

Do-it-yourself repair reversal

Sloppy mortar, over-ground joints, color washing and surface treatments applied by previous owners of your historical home can make the appearance of the brick or stone work less than desirable. Brick or stone repair work done poorly can destroy a historical home.

If you are unsure how to repair a foundation issue, need help with mold remediation or need historical masonry foundation restoration, look to the leaders at South Jersey Waterproofing to answer all your questions and provide you with the best service in the area. Contact us today.


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