4 reasons why you should never attempt DIY foundation repairs

basement wall dampproofingIf you are the kind of homeowner who enjoys DIY projects, you might be tempted to attempt a foundation repair on your own. After all, there are kits and products available in hardware stores that promise great results. The reality isn’t so simple, as you’ll see. Here are four compelling reasons why you should never attempt DIY foundation repairs.

1. You Could Make the Situation Worse

Foundation repairs usually necessitate some serious modifications on concrete walls. If the foundation is weakened beyond what’s obviously visible from the outside, you could find yourself with a heap of crumbled foundation concrete and no way to control the continual spalling. Essentially, you might accidentally turn what could have been a straightforward repair job into something much more complex and expensive.

2. You Could Ruin Your Chances of Selling in the Future

If you ever try to sell your home in the future, prospective buyers (and their lender) will want to see evidence that major work like a foundation repair was done by a competent professional. If you DIY this work, you could find yourself on the losing end of a home sale negotiation.

3. You’ll Risk Personal Injury

Just because you know how to spot foundation damage doesn’t mean you understand the complexities of repairing the situation. Foundations play an important role in the structural integrity of your house. Trying to do this work yourself is a lot like playing a risky game of Jenga. If you remove too much of the wall or fiddle with the foundation in the wrong spot, the whole thing could come falling down on top of you. While it’s not likely that the entire house will collapse, enough damage could be done where the inhabitants aren’t safe to be inside.

4. It’s Easier to Bring in the Pros

The different types of foundations of a home help ensure that the house is stable and safe. Trying to DIY this kind of work is intimidating, dangerous and tricky. It’s much easier to bring in a professional foundation repair company in South Jersey than it would be to attempt a DIY foundation repair. When you hire pros, you can be assured that the repair is done correctly, and with minimal effort on your part.

As a diligent homeowner, it’s commendable that you want to take care of a problem with the foundation right away. If you have concerns or issues regarding your home’s foundation, please contact Keystone Waterproofing & Restoration today.


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